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Sam Salloum

MChiro, BSc, LRCC
Doctor of Chiropractic

One of the main reasons I became a Chiropractor is because I loved the concept that by treating the spine, you can improve someones health. This was reinforced after my mother, who has suffered with chronic neck and back pain sought a Chiropractor after exhausting all of the conventional medical routes. Little did I know that my first visit to a Chiropractor for a knee injury would soon lead to it becoming my future. Having first-hand experience of the many ways chiropractic can help patients led me to retrain as a Chiropractor in Bournemouth at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic.

I enjoy treating patients of all ages and aim to help resolve problems faced by the young and old alike. I do have a special interest in sports injury which was first explored after gaining a one year intern-ship working with the championship football team AFC Bournemouth. Seeing how professional athletes benefited from chiropractic treatment and how it improved their performance was inspiring to see.

When I am not in clinic I enjoy bringing up my two kids, moaning about Liverpool FC and spending quality time with friends and family.