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Joint & Muscle Pain

Joint and muscle pain
The joint or muscle pain might be in one area or widespread. Joints and muscles of the legs, arms, skull and pelvis are treated by chiropractors, not just the joints and muscles of the spine. Because there are many possible and contributory causes of joint and muscle pain, we need to obtain a proper understanding of what is causing it. Because of this, at the Milton Keynes Chiropractic Clinic, we perform a thorough history taking and full examination (which involves chiropractic, orthopaedic, neurological and postural assessments and may even involve us taking X-rays of you). Your first appointment will take approximately 1 hour.

Joint and muscle pain can be a result of many things. Previous injuries, trauma, poor posture, lack of exercise, poor diet, genetic predisposition, arthritic disorders, other medical conditions and stress are some of the possible contributory causes.

What Happens On My First Consultation?

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