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Our Approach

Our chiropractors are trained in many different types of chiropractic techniques, ranging from ‘adjustive’ techniques through to light cranial techniques. Moreover we work to what we call the ‘3 stage approach’.

Stage 1

is to do the required treatment to rectify your problem, we pride ourselves on the fact that most of our patients achieve favourable results within as little as 2-8 treatment sessions.

Stage 2

is the ‘backing off phase’. Getting results is one thing, getting the improvement to hold is our main objective. At this stage we gap the appointments i.e. 1 month then 2 months then 4 months etc. To test how well it holds.

Stage 3

is to advise an occasional ‘MOT’ as a preventative maintenance approach, exactly the same as you visiting the dentist for a preventative check up. We feel this is the most ethical and cost effective approach, but the decision to do so is down to you.

We do not agree...

with an approach adopted by some types of practitioners whereby they try to book you in advance to perform many treatments over a long period of time as a ‘wellness approach to rectifying problems or subluxations’. 

We do not ask...

patients to pay for treatments in advance or book for monthly or yearly treatment programmes in advance; we feel this promotes potentially unnecessary profiteering that does not treat the patient as an individual. If a problem is solved in a few sessions, fantastic our job is done. There is no need for unnecessary block booking or direct debit ‘tying in’ tactics. 

These approaches...

to patient care are not, in our opinion, justifiable medical procedures as it fails to allow for each patients individual response to be taken into consideration. We adhere to guidelines as covered in the GCC website, see www.gcc-uk.org. Of course some people respond very quickly, others take longer, however, we work to a treatment programme that is tailored to each individual patient and their problem. If you fail to respond to treatment in a reasonable amount of sessions we may contact your GP, change your treatment programme, or advise on other intervention instead including onward referral. Fortunately a failure for people to respond to treatment at our clinic is rare. We always appreciate you are an individual and structure your treatment programme accordingly.

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All our chiropractors are registered with the GCC and are either members of the BCA or the UCA



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