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Neck & Arm Pain

Acute, Subacute & Chronic Neck Pain

Shoulder issues
Neck pain commonly occurs due to whiplash injuries, falls, strained muscles, arthritic changes in the spine, poor posture or stress. Neck pain can refer into the shoulders and down the arms and, if there is irritation of the nerves that come from the neck and supply the arms and hands, you may also experience pins and needles, tingling or numbness in these areas.

Arm Pain

Arm pain is commonly due to referred pain from the neck or shoulder, but can also be caused by injuries to the elbow or wrist or the muscles in the arm itself.

Wrist Pain

Wrist pain may be caused by a fall or a strain due to a repetitive action, leading to muscular strains or restriction in joint movement in the wrist or hand. It may also be as a result of referred pain from a neck injury.

Mechanical Neck Pain

Mechanical neck pain is pain in the anatomic region of the neck for which it is impossible to identify a specific pathologic cause of pain. It can include neck pain and from time to time, pain in the upper limbs which may or may not interfere with the activities of daily living, or in some cases headaches.

Chiropractors treat mechanical neck pain using a package of care that may include manual therapies, exercise, therapeutic advice and postural advice.

Because of the diverse amount of causes and implications with regard to neck pain and potential damage that may have been done in a neck trauma, we perform a thorough history taking and full examination (which often involves chiropractic, orthopaedic, neurological and postural assessments and may even involve us taking X-rays of you) at the Milton Keynes Chiropractic Clinic. Your first appointment will take approximately 1 hour.

What Happens On My First Consultation?

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