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Tennis Elbow

tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is commonly caused by a repetitive action, particularly of the wrist, which leads to straining of the tendons around the elbow joint. Tennis elbow involves chronic inflammation of the lateral epicondyle (the distal extensor attachment of the humorous). It may arise secondary to sport-related injuries or chronic repetitive injury. Pain is experienced on the outer aspect of the elbow and is aggravated by repeated activity. Chiropractors treat tennis elbow using a package of care that may include manual therapies, ergonomic advice in the workplace, electrotherapy, acupuncture, use of supports and onward referral when indicated.

Arm pain is commonly due to referred pain from the neck or shoulder, but can also be caused by injuries to the elbow or wrist or the muscles in the arm itself.

Wrist pain may be caused by a fall or a strain due to repetitive action, leading to muscular strains or restriction in joint movement in the wrist or hand. It may also be a result of referred pain from a neck injury.

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