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Mike Terziev

Doctor of Chiropractic

Mihael graduated the 4 year-long “Masters of Chiropractic” course at the University of South Wales after moving from Bulgaria to the United Kingdom to pursue his education. The course provides multiple studies such as Anatomy, Neurology, Neuroanatomy, Physiology, Diagnosis, Chiropractic technique, Behavioural Sciences and Rehabilitation, just to name a few, giving a tremendous arsenal of tools. This allows the practitioner to be thorough in their orthopaedic and neurological examination and gives them the chance to approach a problem in multiple different ways depending on what would be needed for that individual patient.

Mihael has spent a year practicing in South Wales previously as part of his Chiropractic course. As an active person and having suffered multiple injuries himself, he was lucky enough to find out about chiropractic from a relatively young age and later on, find one of the few chiropractors in his home country of Bulgaria. After struggling with back issues, this was a pivotal moment for his health and for what he would want to pursue in studies and practice. These injuries and the chiropractic care that he received resulted in his pursuing a career as a chiropractor and prompted his journey to the UK for training in his masters degree in chiropractic.

“From early on in life I had injuries in my lower back the went on to cause other issues, accompanying knee injuries due to sports were not far behind. Chiropractic was the one care that gave me a very rapid, longer lasting relief, has kept me in check and has been helping me deal with injuries until today .

After experiencing these problems, ones that I would not wish upon anyone, having an interest in the human body and how Chiropractic helped me, one thing became clear: This is what I want to do, and nothing else.”