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Joseph Kong

BSc, MChiro, LRCC
Doctor of Chiropractic

I first began my chiropractic journey when I joined the military service in South Korea. My time serving in the air force was an invaluable and life changing experience for me where I found inspiration to dedicate myself into a career where I could aid others.
Following the completion of my service I had the opportunity to travel to the UK. Whilst travelling, I was recommended by a relative to seek treatment for a bad shoulder I was suffering with at the AECC which is a Chiropractic training College in the UK. My treatment and first-hand encounter with chiropractic at the college clinic was an eye opening experience.

After my successful treatment, I returned back to Korea but chiropractic had already by then left a strong impression on me, which I could never forget.

After much discussion and consideration, I decided to quit my course in electronic engineering and took a leap across the world, returning to the UK in hopes of becoming a chiropractor.

It was not an easy beginning, as I came speaking little to no English at all at that time and had to start out with intensive classes at a language school for 2 ½ years.

Following that I went on to complete an adult access course before finally enrolling on the AECC to begin my chiropractic degree. I’ve also had the unique opportunity of studying in both of the UK’s leading chiropractic institutions. After 3 years I successfully graduated with a first class degree and went on to complete my master’s and internship at WIOC, the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, which is based at the Glamorgan University in Wales.

One of my life mottos is ‘prevention is always better than cure’ and I hope to instil that into the way I practice.

During my free time I enjoy working out at the gym, particularly focusing on functional exercises, which aims at correcting posture, muscle imbalance and prevention of future injuries.