Gary Jackson

Gary D Jackson, BSc, MSc, DC, MCC

Gary Jackson is a graduate of the world renowned Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC). This is a full time 5 year course which teaches not one but many different chiropractic techniques thus giving the chiropractor many different options when deciding what would be the most suitable method of treating your problem. As part of the training Radiology and Radiography are strong components of the course. This results in your Chiropractor being able to take and read X-rays. Again this knowledge can assist in deciding the best course of possible treatment approaches for your particular problem. Diagnosing your problem utilises not just chiropractic assessment approaches but also orthopaedic and neurological examination. This is made possible by a thorough education incorporating studies which include, Anatomy, Physiology, Bio-chemistry, Neuro-physiology, Neuro-anatomy, Embryology, Neurology, Diagnosis, Pathology, Orthopaedics, Chiropractic Philosophy and history, Bio-mechanics, Muscle testing, Chiropractic Paediatrics, Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Behavioural Science and more.

Gary spent nearly 5 years working as an associate in chiropractic clinics in the Midlands before establishing the Milton Keynes Chiropractic Clinic. He was fortunate to have a family chiropractor that encouraged his interest and subsequent career in the chiropractic profession.

“I have had sporting injuries, problems due to a car accident and also due to poor posture and stress at work – our family chiropractor came to my rescue every time. I had to become a chiropractor – it fascinated me as much as it helped me. I have been very fortunate in the diversity of patients that I have encountered in my career, assisting many people with an extensive list of varied problems.”

“I’m touched by the number of Midlands patients that travel to Milton Keynes to stay in touch with me for their treatment and check-ups. Indeed, it’s not just people whose jobs or lifestyles take their toll on them, who have suffered trauma of some sort, or who are looking for relief from arthritic pain. A growing number of patients don’t come for pain relief but for preventative check-ups. They want their spine looked after in the same way their teeth are looked after by the dentist; getting check-ups before there is a problem. I have also helped dancers and sportspeople, speedway riders, golfers, darts players, Martial arts experts, rugby players, footballers, canoeists, athletes, coaches etc. Again for some it was not for pain relief but to assist in their performance too. I’m proud of the range of services we can offer our patients here in Milton Keynes.”






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